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It's been a while since I posted a personal project, So I thought I would share it. 
I worked on every detail in it, starting with the concept, the preliminary sketches, the gadgets as well as the character look and feel. 
In addition to Modelling, Shading & Lighting. 
Rigging is done by Ahmed Shalaby, animation is done by Adel El Badrawy.
Totally appreciate the efforts done by those amazing artists to help me achieve the vision intended. 
Would like to thank everyone who helped, supported and suggested ideas to improve this project.

[Image: islam-fouda-final.jpg?1514123279][Image: islam-fouda-breakdownlayout.jpg?1514122964][Image: islam-fouda-zbrushviewport.jpg?1514122962][Image: islam-fouda-helmetdetails.jpg?1514122960][Image: islam-fouda-watchdetails.jpg?1514122961]