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Full Version: Ibram Gaunt (Warheammer 40K fanart)
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Hey guys ) 
here are my fanart of Ibramn Gaunt. He's (everyone's favorite guy) main character of novel series "Gaunt's Ghosts" by Dan Abnett
(Warhammer 40K)

here is my instagram, if you are interested to see more )

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-69.jpg?1528737518]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-70.jpg?1528738053]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-61.jpg?1528737506]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-sondarsword.jpg?1528737479]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-bolltpistol-1.jpg?1528737533]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-60.jpg?1528737494]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-59.jpg?1528737482]
[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-74.jpg?1528737519]

[Image: giorgi-mikiashvili-73.jpg?1528737506]