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Full Version: Nova vs Skrulls - Fan Art
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Hey, guys, 
I would like to share a project that I have done between some works, fan art for 3D print. 
Hope you like!

[Image: carlos-jacinto-shot-1.jpg?1531332947]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-shot-3.jpg?1531332453]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-shot-2.jpg?1531332424]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-bwshot-1.jpg?1531334589]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-bwshot-2.jpg?1531334614]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-bwshot-3.jpg?1531334635]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-nova.jpg?1531332790]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-zbrush-1.jpg?1531332487]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-zbrush-2.jpg?1531332802]

[Image: carlos-jacinto-zbrush-3.jpg?1531332422]