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Full Version: FREE DOWNLOAD:JasmineRose Free Rig For Maya
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JasmineRose Free Rig For Maya

JasmineRose is a collaborative project done by friends ,
Model done by Mohammed el-demerdash (
Animation by Ahmed Hasaneen ( )
Rig Done by Ahmed Shalaby (
Hope you like it [Image: 1f642.svg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

Rig Main Features:
–IK/FK switch and match
-Elbow and Knee Pinning
-Curvy limbs with flexible controls
-Mirroring and flipping
-3 Systems Spine IK, FK and Reverse FK
-Flexible Facial Controls with wide range of deformations
And many more..
You can download from Here :

POST LINK for more info--

Rig and Picker files:  [attachment=91]     CLICK HERE
Textures:                [attachment=90]     CLICK HERE