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Pok Ta Pok - MoesM - 08-21-2018

Hello !

I'm happy to present you the trailer for an animated show project : Pok Ta Pok.

We were two on this project, working on our free time for about two years.

[Image: michael-moes-affiche-ptp.jpg?1534775744]

"Celia is a 14 years old teenager who lives in Paris. One day she discovers a magic world, parallel to ours called “Mû”.
In “Mû” everything is about pok ta pok, a spectacular and ancient sport which keeps the darkness away. Temporarily.
But a prophecy tells that a human girl will come around and save the Murian people from this great danger by becoming the best pok ta pok player of all times."

Trailer :

Instagram :

If you like it, don't hesitate to share it ! Wink

Enjoy ! Big Grin