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Viantis Male Enhancement - Oidimailf - 01-12-2019

Viantis Male Enhancement

Not only does higher intensity training burn relatively more calories than endurance or lower-intensity exercise, but of greater importance, it causes the MR to remain elevated for relatively longer periods after exercising. An effective form of intensity training is "Interval Training" - alternating brief periods of intensity, with periods of recuperation. Example: Running Intervals (Beginner) Walk for 2 minutes Jog for 10-20 secs Walk for 2 minutes Jog for 10-20 secs Repeat until 15 minutes is reached Example: Running Intervals (Advanced) Walk for approx 30 Secs Jog for approx 45 secs - 1 minute Sprint or run fast for 30-45 secs Repeat 10-12 times (or until 20 minutes is reached) [Image: Viantis-Male-Enhancement.jpg]